Register Your Pet's Microchip

Register Your Pet's Microchip

All microchips registered with us include:

Lost Pet Services

It is truly devastating when a pet goes missing, and many people do not know where to start. When you report a lost pet, our team will send alerts to shelters and rescues in the area he/she was last seen. You will receive a flyer for you to print and/or share online. We also send you a list of resources to help alert your local community as fast as possible..

Found Pet Recovery

Save This Life's lifetime registration means your pet is always protected. Unlike some registries, we do not require an annual membership to take advantage of the most important part of having a microchip - the recovery of your lost pet! If your pet is found and reported to us, we contact you immediately to get you one step closer in bringing your beloved pet back home.

Managing Your Contact Information

Save This Life's lifetime registration includes being able to update your contact information at any time. We do not charge any fees to update your pet's registration as keeping your contact information up to date it important. If all of your contact information on the registration didn't remain current, the microchip essentially becomes useless since we cannot connect with you if your pet was lost and found.

Does your microchip begin with 900164 or 991?

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